Thursday, November 30, 2017

How fair is our Judgment ?


What does this mean? It seems like a tricky question.
Ok. I am going to add some context to this question, by giving you an example of a scenario. When I am angry with someone or a situation in my life, either in the present or a past situation that continues to lurk in my present;
Or when I am sad or frustrated when things are not turning out the way I planned.
These 3 emotions: Anger, Sadness, and Frustration, are negative emotions, and thus possess a low vibration. Vibration is a nonverbal language, hard to detect with the 5 senses, nonetheless extremely powerful.
When I carry anger in my system, it is like a cloud that does not allow me to see the whole picture, I only see part of it (the negative aspect of the person or the story) and it feels like I am trapped into that scenario with no way out. I just feel miserable. When I carry anger in my system, I vibrate with low energy.
Here comes my question, how fair is my judgment? So far it seems I am only seeing the negative, and thus my judgment is not fair.
I could give a fairer outlook by allowing the good traits or memories of the person we are angry with or situation that upsets us to shine through. It is hard to find the positive when you are angry, but you can do it. For example, if your dad neglected you, that would be the negative aspect of your past, however, a positive aspect could be that he showed his care by giving you some money to build your foundation so you can feel safe and secure and can focus on creating your life.
And what happens is that when we are "truly fair" both, with ourselves and with our judgments to others, we can forgive, let go of those anger, sadness or frustration vibes that have been hunting us and do not depict the whole truth, we let go of that negative field, clear our energy so we can move forward with our lives and attract happier vibes.
The soul truth is that every person or situation has both, its good and bad traits or outcomes.
When you are being truly fair, you are also freeing your soul. By freeing your soul from Ego traps, from past burdens, and from low energies, you are giving yourself the opportunity of a new beginning.
Only you have the power to choose when is the right time to let go of living your lives submerged in negativity. To be "truly fair" is a process, and a process needs time, and when you are able to reach that point when you feel ready, you will evolve into this new refreshed person, one who is ready to move on to the next chapter of their lives.
Yesterday, I watched the movie" The Glass Castle “which gave me the inspiration to write this Blog. The main protagonist in the movie was hunted by a terrible past which was continuously lurking into her present life until it reached a point when she decided to cut off all ties with the family members who still tormented her. In the end however, when her dad was about to die, even though she was carrying so much misery and anger within her, she was able to remember his positive traits (the good side) and was able to forgive him and say her last goodbye.
It wasn't easy, a hard process indeed, but it paid off in the end. The protagonist freed herself from her demons and her tormented past; she evolved into a new happier version of herself.
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by Daniela