Tuesday, January 30, 2018

How clear are your eyes when you look?

              Hello, Dear Readers. I dare you to 'Go Within " in this topic, always with my best intentions to share with you. " How clear are your eyes when you look?"  What exaclty this means? It is a tricky one I know, and I will try my best to make this topic as clear as I possibly ca     Hello, Dear Readers. I dare you to 'Go Within " in this topic, always with my best intentions to share with you. " How clear are your eyes when you look?"  What exaclty this means? It is a tricky one I know, and I will try my best to make this topic as clear as I possibly can.
               You cannot take this question literally. I am not referring at the color or transparency  of your eyes. To begin with, what does the word "clear or clarity " means ? Clarity as opposed to cloudy or foggy. With clarity you can see well. You can see everything. More important, you can see Truth, you can see beyond. Clear enough to show your soul essence, devoid of masks.
           With Clarity, there is a clear energy, which clears our Aura. Pay special attention to the words in itallics, since they carry a deeper meaning. Bear with me, no need to jump into any conclusions nor judgements yet, just follow through for now.
                Ask yourself how clear are your eyes when you look into your love ones and into other human beings you connect yourself with in your life. Notice that I've used the word "into"as opposed to "at".
              Clarity of eyes is achieved when you are fully engaged with the person you are looking "into", you are fully present,with your mind, body and spirit. Clarity of eyes is achieved when you are connecting with another with an open heart, empathy and non- judgemental stand point. Looking while truly listening at the same time. I am talking about a True connection here.
                 "Our Eyes are Windows to our Souls ". When you look with clear eyes, it means you are able to look with your soul . You are connecting in a deeper level. This is the clarity of a shinning soul coming through. Its a brillance beyond words. A soul expressing itself through the eye windows.
A soul experiencing freedom. Freedom of expression. Very powerful !
                   Take a look at the following words : pretty eyes, clear eyes, empty eyes, hypnotic eyes, cautivating eyes, lifeless eyes. How would you describe beautiful eyes? What do You consider to be beautiful?Women, no matter how much make-up you wear, if your eyes are empty or lifeless, they can't ever be pretty. The most beautiful eyes carry a brillance beyond words,These are hypnotical eyes. Have you ever noticed eyes that are "pretty", but at the same time lack life or truth ?; and then others that carry this particular " intensity"or "radiance"hard to describe and just know they carry "real beauty"? Liveness gives beauty, freedom gives beauty. These are eyes with integrity, fearless loving eyes.
                    I invite you to practise awareness; how clear are your eyes when you look? Take a real look at yourself now. Practise connecting with other human being, human to human, soul to soul, with awareness.
                     Let go of competitive eyes, envy looks, threatenings stares, angry looks, etc, they all carry negative energy, these are not the language of the soul, they are governed by other forces.
When you catch yourself being under this influence, STOP !right away, it is an opportunity for you to switch mode and to  swtich vibes. Another way of approaching this, is to think as if you are surrounding yourself with bad energy and clogging your own aura. Ask yourself, "Do I need this kind of energy in my life?"You have the power to align with your true natureSoften that look, Stop the judgement, get in touch with your heart and fill  your eyes with love and compassion.
What you project to others is what comes back to you. Project light and light will come back to you.
It is that simple. Love another, and love will come back to you. With envy looks, misery will continue in your life. It is always your choice.
                     In essence, your eyes are clearer when your intentions are good, when you can show your true nature, your soul essence, with no more masks or pretense, no longer need to pretend you are someone you are not,or to try to be happy when you are feeling sad, instead, because it shows in your eyes, and then, they won't shine, they will get cloudy and loose their clarity. Clear eyes are achieved when you are comfortable with yourself, you own your heart, and you don't need to hide any longer, no matter what. Clear eyes are achieved when you love yourself. Clear eyes are achieved when you reveal your human essence. Clear eyes are achieved when you are happy with exacltly the way you are, in other words, you practise self-acceptance.
                     When there is beauty in your eyes, there is beauty in your soul, and you can see straight through since there is nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of any longer; you have reached at this point a level of self-acceptance (you can accept the things you like and don't like about yourself and you are at peace with that). You feel free to connect with people with your true essence.
                    Clear eyes are contagious. You want to look more into them. They are magnetic and powerful because they are filled with good energy and pure light. Some enlightened beings have created miracles with their powerful gaze. One of them is the Croatian Bracco among others; his gaze equals a powerful beam of pure light coming through their eyes, capable of healing.
                     A couple of days ago, I watched a movie which I highly recommend " Victoria and Abdul", where I found a perfect example of "clear eyes connection". Two people from completely different backgrounds, cultures, skin color and social class, make that pure soul connection. This true story took place in the Victorian era, a very strick period, with little freedom  and lots of judgements.
It all started with this first powerful look, beyond words, a deeper connection... and after this episode nothing else mattered to the Queen. With all the society pressure bugging her, yet she was able to breakthrough. She felt something more powerful, a craving from her heart, which started with this first clear look. Abdul, the servant, was given his only command, "Do not look into the queen eyes",
and what happenned after that is magical, beyond words...
I would like to have your comments after you watched the movie.
                     Clear eyes translate into " I am pure, I am clear, I am perfect the way I am, I am, I am proud to show you my true self.



by Daniela

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