Thursday, July 19, 2018

Freedom is Seeing and Seeing is Freedom

The title looks like a game of words. It is in fact,  in this game of words where we can find true meaning. Isn't life about Decoding?
There is always more to see when we decode. The challenge is to 
see what is, which is completely 
different than to see what we want to see. We are constantly deceiving ourselves when we see. Humans selectively see. Each person has its own filter when it comes to seeing. There is always more to see. The more we choose to see, or the more we are ready to see what is, then the more opportunities to grow and evolve as individuals we have.
When you finally see, you can accept what is. It is as simple as that. Acceptance is a big word because acceptance is Freedom. People who are in Denial, are choosing not to see, in other words, they are seeing selectively. Perhaps, if they see what is, it would be too painful and might not know how to deal with a situation, so they prefer to live their lives in denial. However, living your life in denial is a trap. We don't want to see what is, our reality is too painful for us, so we stay in the same pattern, we go through the same disappointments, and nothing ever changes; there is no growth. It is the Big TrapBeing Blind is a Big Trap, a dangerous trap of ongoing suffering.
When you are able to see, you can set yourself free.
You see the Truth, no matter how painful it is, you face it, you accept it, and then you can live your life in peace. You are now above the trap and out of your inner cage. It does not longer affect you.You might think, " it is easy to say it" . My answer to that is " well, you need to go through the process to be able to understand and own that liberating feeling". We are here, in this world to process; we are a work in process. 
You can set yourself Free ; however, for this to happen there has to be a change; change on your side. Waiting for someone else, or a situation to change, would not set you free. You have to do the work, and only you can make that choice. It is empowering to choose to see what is. 
How can you change? Question your believe system. Stop believing what you use to believe if you disagree, act different, maybe, say "no" if you feel so, practice living your life guilt-free, care more about yourself because you matter, set some boundaries. All these changes are liberating. 
Boundaries can be very liberating, great Paradox! There is great movie called "Boundaries" . One character has a hard time setting healthy boundaries, so you can clearly see how she is continuously trapped in same pattern. Notice how two sisters with same father react different towards a same reality. One seems in peace, the other not. I would love to hear your thoughts !
One of the most difficult things to accept is coming to terms to the fact that the other might never change, which can be frustrating, but then you stop living your life in an illusion and stop waiting for something outside yourself to happen. But realizing this, is exactly what can set you free. You are now seeing. Seeing is a state of awareness. You became aware that you and only you can change.
You have the power to break a cycle, to break old patterns of repetitive disappointments; you have the power to say no more of this and more of something else. There is no more waiting or expecting a same result. No one can hurt you but yourself.
Being able to see is a blessing ! Not everyone can do it. Some people don't want to see. They prefer to stay in that comfort zone where nothing changes no matter how disappointing, frustrating and painful that might be. They prefer to complain to others and play victim. That's all they know. Seriously? I say "This is your Life, then you are gone. Nurture it. Love it !Be an example to others! "Victimhood" is an illusion ! Such place doesn't exist, stop recreating it.
One day my dad said to me " This is me, I don't want to change"
and I listened clearly. I chose to see the truth and accept what is.
Then, I felt a sense of freedom; I started to live my life guilt-free.
I would probably carry guilt if I would have chosen to wait for the other to change, continue the old pattern trap and live my life in denial. Denial of the Truth that was said to me.
I encourage you to live your life guilt-free, to practice self-love, to speak up for yourself, to set healthy boundaries, to accept what is, to practice self-respect
"I learned how to be free the moment I saw what is "

Wishing you well.



by Daniela

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